Cecilio CCO 400 Review and Guide

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Do you want to start learning the cello? Before you drop thousands of dollars, consider a Cecilio CCO-400 review and guide to learn if this model meets your needs.

The CCO-400 may not be perfect, but it can work for some players. Give it a try before you write it off and decide to get another model.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Cecilio CCO-400 is affordable, but it can be almost impossible to find new. Consider the features to decide if it’s worth searching the used market for one.

What Is the Cecilio CCO-400?

The Cecilio CCO-400 is in the middle of the company’s cello lineup. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find at this point, and it’s unclear if Cecilio is making this model new.

If you’re looking for a new cello, this probably isn’t the one for you. However, it may be a good option if you’re willing to buy a used cello, and you don’t mind a little wear and tear.

Whether you’re looking at other used cellos or Cecilio models, you should know about this one.

How It Plays

This cello plays well for the price, but it doesn’t sound as good as a more professional model. You can make some small changes to improve the sound, so you don’t have to stick with the factory accessories.

Still, it’s far from the best cello to play, even for beginners. If you want to make learning the cello easier, it might be worth investing in a better instrument.

On the other hand, the amount of money you can save may make the Cecilio CCO-400 worth it. Then, you can experiment with the cello to make sure you’ll keep playing before you spend more.


Like many cellos, this one uses spruce for the top of the body. The back, sides, and neck of the instrument all use maple, so you can get the standard cello sound.

Meanwhile, the pegs and fingerboard use ebony like the wood, so those pieces are smooth. There’s also an alloy tailpiece that has four fine tuners you can use to get and stay in tune.

The finish features a high-luster varnish that makes the cello look great. You can choose from sizes as large as 4/4 or as small as 1/8, but some sizes may be harder to find than others.

Other Gear

When you start playing the cello, you’ll quickly learn that you need more than an instrument. Fortunately, the Cecilio CCO-400 comes with a Brazilwood bow with Mongolian horsehair.

You’ll also get rosin, an extra set of strings, a hard and soft case, and a cello stand. That way, you have everything you need to practice, store, and transport your instrument safely.

The cello also comes with a bridge that you have to install when it gets to you. You won’t have to worry about the bridge ruining the cello during shipping.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Comes with accessories
  • Nice materials
  • Decent sound
  • Affordable


  • Impossible to find new
  • Not the best quality

What About Other Cecilio Cellos?

When looking at the Cecilio CCO-400, you may want to compare it to other models from the brand. Cecilio makes cellos from the CCO-100 to the CCO-600.

Each cello has slightly different features, such as different woods. The CCO-400 and 500 are identical, which may be why you can’t find the 400 easily.

Unless you luck out and find a used CCO-400, you might need to compare other cellos. Fortunately, Cecilio instruments are very similar in their quality and response, so you should find a good alternative.

Where to Buy the Cecilio CCO-400?

Cecilio has sold the CCO-400 on sites like Amazon and other online music stores. I can’t find the Cecilio CCO-400 in stock anywhere, and I have a feeling the company discontinued the model.

Your best bet would be to look for a used CCO-400. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend buying a Cecilio instrument unless it’s new, but you don’t have a choice with this model.

If you want to buy this model, be sure to try it before you commit to purchasing it. Ask the seller if you can meet up somewhere in public so that you can test out the cello.

Then, you can make sure it’s still in decent condition and that you won’t waste your money. You also won’t have to worry about someone shipping the cello to you if you decide to buy it.

What You Should Consider Before Buying

Whether you decide to buy a used one or luck out and find a new CCO-400, don’t rush into buying. You should consider a few things about things instruments to help you make the right buying choice.

Buying an instrument can be very subjective, so you have to know what works for you. In some cases, a Cecilio cello may be the right fit.

However, you want to know that now before you spend time and money searching for a CCO-400. Here are some things you should know.

Cecilio’s Reputation

Unfortunately, Cecilio doesn’t have the best reputation with professional musicians and music teachers. If you look at any Cecilio instrument and compare it to a similar model from another brand, the price difference can be huge.

It may seem like Cecilio would be a good deal, right? Well, the instruments may be cheap, but they’re also cheaply made so aren’t the best quality.

Some people joke about how they’re instrument-shaped objects and that they make the good decor. You may get some use out of a Cecilio CCO-400, but it most likely won’t last as long as some other cellos.

The Accessories

One of the advantages of a Cecilio cello is that it comes with plenty of accessories. However, just like the instrument itself, these accessories aren’t going to be the best.

Some people think the strings that come with the cello keep it from sounding great. The stand also is kind of cheap, and the rosin may not help your sound as much as rosin from another company.

Keep in mind that the price of a cello also covers these accessories. That means the cello maybe even cheaper than it appears when you just look at the sale price.

Available Sizes

Another consideration for shorter adults as well as for younger students is cello sizing. Not only do you have to worry about finding a Cecilio CCO-400, but you have to find one in the correct size.

The 4/4 size is probably the easiest to find since it works for most adults. However, if you need a smaller cello, you might have to spend more time searching.

If you aren’t willing to wait for the perfect cello to show up, you may want to look at other models. That way, you can get a cello that suits your body and is comfortable to play with or without a ton of strain.

Your Experience

You should also think about your current playing level and experience with the cello. If you’re a beginner, a Cecilio cello may be an okay investment since you don’t need an expensive model.

However, if you’ve played for years and need an upgrade, Cecilio isn’t for you. The company claims to make cellos for beginners through professionals, but I disagree.

No serious student or professional musician will want to spend money on a cheap instrument. If you want to get good at your craft, you need the best model you can afford, and that means spending a bit more than a few hundred dollars.

Your Plans

Speaking of professional musicians, you should consider your plans for the cello. If you want to become a professional, you need a cello from a better brand than Cecilio.

On the other hand, if you want to play for fun, the CCO-400 might meet your needs. When you pursue music as a career, it’s easier to justify spending more money on your gear.

If you prefer to play outside of work or school, you don’t need an expensive instrument. While I’d still suggest trying other models, Cecilio cellos could work for you.

Your Teachers

If you’re in a school orchestra or take private cello lessons, ask your teachers for recommendations. Some cello teachers and orchestra directors have specific requirements for student instruments.

When you’re in an orchestra, your cello needs to fit in visually with the section, and the CCO-400 does. However, a private teacher may want you to buy a better model, even as a beginner.

You may want to buy a cello before your first lesson, but try to wait. The teacher can suggest models, and they can work with you to stick to a budget so that you get a good model you can afford.

The Warranty

If you manage to find a new Cecilio CCO-400, you can take advantage of a one-year warranty. The warranty covers issues that happen due to manufacturer errors.

That’s nice, but it doesn’t help if you drop your cello or if it breaks because of something else you do. You also may not get a warranty at all if you buy the cello used, even if it’s less than a year old.

Warranties on instruments are nice, but they may not always cover everything. Keep that in mind when buying any cello, from Cecilio or otherwise.

Return Options

You should also know if you’ll be able to return the CCO-400 after you buy it. When you buy it new, especially if you get it from Amazon, you can return it for 30 days.

If you have to buy a used cello, you should ask the seller if they’ll accept returns. Some individuals will offer a seven-day return period, so you can test out the instrument.

However, others may want to sell the instrument and not worry about having to take it back. Be sure to ask any seller about returns, especially if you can’t meet them in person for a quick trial session.

Other Cellos to Try

Whether you’re struggling to find a Cecilio CCO-400, or you want to find the best cello for you, try a few models. You may find that another cello works well for you.

Then, you won’t have to spend more time looking for the Cecilio cello. Plus, you might be able to find a new cello, so you can get even more use out of the instrument.

Trying a few cellos can increase the chances of you finding one you love. Consider the following models in your search.

Cecilio CCO-500

After looking at the specs, I think the Cecilio CCO-500 is an update or replacement for the CCO-400. The specs are the same, so if you want the 400 but can’t find one, the 500 may work.

It has the same spruce top as well as maple back and maple sides. Ebony makes up the fingerboard and pegs, and the tailpiece is ebony rather than an alloy like on the 400.

You’ll get the same set of accessories, including strings, rosin, a bow, a stand, and a case. This model comes in multiple sizes, so you can choose the size that works for you.

Like other Cecilio instruments, it comes with a one-year warranty that protects against manufacturer problems. It’s a suitable option for many beginners and casual players.


  • Affordable
  • Good materials
  • Easy to play
  • Comes with accessories
  • Nice sound


  • Not in every size
  • Low quality

Cremona SC-130

If you want to look at other affordable cellos, consider the Cremona SC-130. This cello features a spruce top along with maple making up the back and sides.

The oiled neck helps you move your hand up and down the fingerboard. Meanwhile, the bow has a good balance to help you play fast and slow music.

This cello has ebony fittings and an ebony fingerboard, and Cremona sets everything up to meet educational standards. That makes this model an excellent fit for younger students.

You can choose from sizes between 4/4 and 1/4, so you’ll get the right fit. It comes with a gig bag, which offers some protection in transit, but you may want to buy a better case.


  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Meets national standards
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Nice sound


  • Gigbag isn’t the most protective
  • The bridge isn’t the right size

D Z Strad 101

The D Z Strad 101 is another excellent cello for students and casual players. It offers a warm tone, so you don’t have to sound horrible when you first start playing.

Maple and spruce are the main tonewoods that make up the body and help with that resonance. The hand feel is consistent, so you can enjoy playing the entire range of the cello.

Its ebony fittings feel good and are of good quality to help you get more use out of the instrument. Size options range from 4/4 down to 1/8, so it’s suitable for adults and kids.

Along with the instrument, you’ll get a bow, a set of strings, rosin, and a cello case. That way, you have everything you need to start playing.

D Z Strad 101


  • Good tonewoods
  • Excellent sound
  • Comes with accessories
  • Multiple sizes
  • Great for beginners


  • A bit expensive

FAQs About the Cecilio CCO-400 Review and Guide

Question: Why don’t people like Cecilio cellos?

Answer: Some people don’t like Cecilio cellos because they aren’t of the best quality. The company uses cheap materials, especially on some of the cellos with lower models.
Even with the CCO-400, the build quality isn’t the best. Plus, the warranty only lasts for a year, so you may need to replace the cello if it breaks after that.

Question: Can you make the CCO-400 better?

Answer: You can do a few things to make the CCO-400 a bit better. One option is to swap out the strings with a set from a different company, such as D’Addario since the strings will be of good quality.
Another thing you can do is buy a better bow, and that may help you get a better response. Swapping out the rosin for some from a string specialty company is also a smart strategy.

Question: Who is the Cecilio CCO-400 best for?

Answer: The Cecilio CCO-400 is best for beginners and casual players on a budget. It’s also a better option for musicians who are willing to shop around to find a used instrument.
You may find a new or like-new cello, but you’ll need to be patient. So if you’re looking to start playing the cello immediately, you should consider other models.

Question: Can advanced players use this cello?

Answer: Advanced players can use the Cecilio CCO-400 as a backup instrument. If you need to send your main cello to the shop for repairs, you can practice the Cecilio in the meantime.
You can also use this cello if you want to practice music on vacation. If you want to travel, you can leave your main cello at home to keep from losing or damaging it.

Final Note on the Cecilio CCO-400 Review and Guide

If you’re looking for an affordable cello, you should consider a Cecilio CCO-400 review and guide. The model may not get you to Carnegie Hall, but it can help you learn the basics.

Sadly, you may need to do some searching to find a used one. That way, you can get this model and not have to settle for a different model if the 400 is the best fit for you.

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